Welcome to Counseling Services of Miami

We are committed to providing high quality mental health services to you and your family, as well as the needed diagnostic and therapeutic services for the emotional and behavioral difficulties you and/or your family are currently experiencing.  We provide you with a safe and supportive environment in a confidential space each time you visit our office.  Our well-trained, professional, and nurturing therapists will help walk you through your life challenges in a comfortable atmosphere.

What is counseling?

When someone seeks counseling, also known as therapy, psychotherapy, or talk-therapy, they begin a process by which the client meets with a therapist to talk about issues that are bothering them. Many people come in for a specific reason, such as anxiety or depression, but people also come in just to talk, to vent, or to speak with someone who can maintain an objective perspective.

What can I expect from Counseling Services of Miami?

You can expect to connect with a therapist on a timely basis, and begin your sessions as soon as possible.  The therapists at Counseling Services of Miami are objective, compassionate, and sensitive to your issues.  The therapists are skilled in a wide variety of areas including anxiety, depression, couples and marriage counseling, hypnotherapy, and much more.  Click HERE for our full list of services.

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How long is a session and how often should I see my therapist?

Our sessions are usually 50 minutes.  The number and frequency of sessions vary on a case-by-case basis – some clients come to see us multiple times a week, and some visit once a month.  This will be discussed during your initial session.  Often people start out at once or twice a week, and as their symptoms are alleviated, they will visit every other week or once a month.  We decide together on a schedule you feel comfortable with.